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Are you an artist, arts collaborator, or technical creator of sorts in Central Florida looking to expand your portfolio. Central Florida Choreographers Collaboration (CFCC) is a place to explore different art mediums with a dance focus. We provide opportunities for those beautiful connections to happen. 

Are you a...
  • Musician
  • Composer
  • Singer
  • Poet
  • Actor
  • Painter
  • Sculptor
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Production/Stage Manager
  • Graphic Artist
  • Digital Artist
  • Costume Designer
  • Hair/Make Up Artist
  • Set Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Production Assistant
  • Rehearsal Assistant
  • Or Something else... ?

Fill out the form below to collaborate with us this season.

Please Note: Collaborators are chosen by our Choreographers for the current season & selection is dependent upon the vision for their projects. 


We have plenty of opportunities for artists of all kinds to get involved.
How did you hear about us?
Age Rage
Weblinks to Your Work & Social Media
If you listed a preferred choreographer, are you willing to be considered by other choreographers (besides the one you listed) this season?
Project Meet Ups

Our Project Meet Ups are monthly opportunities to network, take class, scout local talent for current/future projects, expand your reach as an educator, workshop new ideas, & explore fresh compositions with other local artists across Central Florida. Different types of artists are invited to collaborate in different ways and to allow the art to lead during these events.

Are you interested in collaborating during a Project Meet Up?
ChoreoCollab Fest 2024

ChoreoCollab Fest 2024 is a dance focused arts festival open to the public where artists of all kinds are invited to collaborate. It will include classes open to all ages & abilities, live performances, art installations, a screendance film festival, arts vendors, and more. It is tentatively scheduled for February 24, 2024.

Are you interested in collaboration at ChoreoCollab Fest 2024?
Would you be interested in setting up a vendor booth at ChoreoCollab Fest 2024?
Are you willing to travel to different locations in Central Florida depending on where projects, meetings, recordings, and/or performances are held?
Are you willing to write an article relating to art collaboration?
Are you willing to be interviewed on a podcast?
Are you willing to share CFCC promotional materials on your personal & professional social media accounts?
Event Dates

Below is our season 4 calendar. Some of the dates may be tentative but we ask that you select all dates you are available. 

Select ALL dates you are available.
Agreement & Requirements

You will be asked to sign an Photography & Video Release,  Liability Waver, & Artist Agreement.

  • Photography & Video Release: We document all meet ups, classes, performances, & events with photography, videography, & sound. 

  • The Liability Waver: Exempts CFCC & its affiliates from liability in the event of injury, theft, property damage, etc. 

  • The Artist Agreement: An agreement between the Artist & CFCC listing up-front expectations & duties.

All three of these forms must be agreed to & signed upon your acceptance of becoming a Collaborator with CFCC. If you have any questions please contact us at

Thank you! We’ll be in touch soon.

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