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Central Florida Choreographers Collaboration (CFCC) is looking to cast dancers for the 2023 season!


We have some exciting things planned for our 4th season. This year we have many different opportunities planned for artists including ChoreoCollab Fest 2024, a dance festival that includes classes, workshops, live performances & our 4th film festival. We are currently holding an open call for dancers & are open to follow where the art leads. 


Dancers ages 14 & up are welcome to apply.


Application Submission Deadline: Wednesday, May 31st at 5:00 pm.

The video content must include:
A solo of yourself dancing for a minimum of 2 minutes, maximum of 3 minutes
The following components must be in the solo:

  1.  Shapes

  2.  Level Changes

  3.  Movement through Space

  4.  Moments of Stillness

  5. Rhythm & Musicality

  6. Strength, Fluidity, Sharp & Smooth Movement

  7. Grounded Movement

  8. Improvisation


After your 2-3 minute solo include a section at the end with the following skills:

  1. Right & Left Battement

  2. Right & Left Chaînés

  3. Right & Left Pirouettes

  4. & a large jump variation



Your video must be an original recording created specifically for this submission. Upload the video to the platform of your choice: YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook. Feel free to post it as public or unlisted as long as we are able to access it via the link provided. Credit the choreographer if not yourself & the music/sound score in the video description.



Our Choreographers would love to consider you for their projects!

Attention, Minors!

For minors, we include your parent/legal guardian in all CFCC communications. If you are a minor, please list their information below.

Age Range
How did you hear about us?
Audition & Weblinks

In this section you will include your video audition and any website or social media links you wish to share.

May we use this video audition in our advertisements, website, & social media?
Are you interested in dancing in a dance film project?
Are you interested in dancing a live performance project?
If you listed a preferred choreographer, are you willing to be considered by other choreographers (besides the one you listed) this season?
Project Meet Ups

Our Project Meet Ups are monthly opportunities to network, take class, scout local talent for current/future projects, expand your reach as an educator, workshop new ideas, & explore fresh compositions with other local artists across Central Florida. Different types of artists are invited to collaborate in different ways and to allow the art to lead during these events.

Are you interested in attending Project Meet Ups?
Are you willing to share CFCC promotional materials on your personal & professional social media accounts?
Are you interested in participating with CFCC in other roles? (i.e. dancer/performer, musician, photographer, videographer, tech crew, stage management, etc.)
Case Study Documentary

We are producing our first documentary this season, directed by Rachel Jimenez, a Tampa based dancer, personal trainer, pilates, & strength training studio owner. She will be conducting a case study on a group of dancers, where she will train them with a strength focus for a number of weeks, & then monitor & document the improvement to the dancer's movement. This involves weekly strength training sessions with Rachel in her Seminole Heights studio in Tampa. 

We will be following dancers through a strength training program over the course of 10 weeks (may be adjustable to 8 or 12 weeks depending on the availability of the dancers and crew). 

This training program will consist of 1 strength training session per week and 3 different interviews: before the training begins, at the halfway point, and after completion of the program. After the initial interview, the dancers will undergo a movement assessment with Rachel Jimenez at her training studio to establish baseline evaluations and familiarize the dancers with some of the movements they will be training for the entirety of the program. From here, the dancers will begin training. 


Time commitment:

At least 45 minutes-1 hour/week and additional time to conduct interviews. 


  • No current injuries

  • Not currently enrolled in a formal strength training program

  • Comfortable working one-on-one with a strength coach


Strength training programming built around functional movement patterns (squatting, lunging, upper body push/pull, etc.) and common movements found in dance, guided coaching through the prescribed exercises on a consistent basis, education on how to use popular gym equipment, potential increases in muscular strength. Ultimately, you should find increased body awareness, larger and more efficient range of motion, and a stronger foundation for your movement.

If this is something you are interested in, please answer the following questions.

Are you interested in being a dancer for this project?
Are you interested in being a collaborator behind the scenes for this project? (i.e. videographer, photographer, production assistant, interviewer, etc.)
What level are you currently dancing at?
Are you currently injured?
Event Dates with CFCC in 2023/24

Below is our season 4 calendar. Some of the dates may be tentative but we ask that you select all dates you are available. 

Select ALL dates you are available.
Agreements & Requirements

You will be asked to sign a Choreographer Agreement, Photography & Video Release, & Liability Release Form.


Photography & Video Release: We document all meet ups, classes, performances, & events with photography, videography, & sound. 

The Liability Release Form: Exempts CFCC & its affiliates from liability in the event of injury, theft, property damage, etc. 

The Dancer Agreement: An agreement between the Dancer & CFCC listing up-front expectations & duties.
All three of these forms must be agreed to & signed upon your acceptance of becoming a collaborating artist with CFCC.


All three of these forms must be agreed to & signed upon your acceptance of becoming a dancer with CFCC. Email if you have any questions.

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